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Óskabörn ógæfunnar (Children of misfortune) is a theatrical group that was founded around christmas 2012 by a group of young and unemployed actors  that got together and made the decision to create their own theatre, make shows which they wanted to act in, direct and in general; see on stage.


The first piece was the anti-christmas show The Night before Christmas by Anthony Neilson, rewritten to fit in Iceland, it premiered around christmas 2012 in Tjarnarbíó theater.

Next there was Lúkas, a forgotten jewel by the Icelandic writer Guðmundur Steinsson which premiered shortly after new years eve 2013 in an industrial premise near the Reykjavík’s harbour. 

A year later a decision was made to dust off The Night before Christmas because of great demand and during that time rehearsals began of the infamous Bláskjár (Blue eyes) written by a young writer Tyrfingur Tyrfingsson and premiered early 2014. The pieced proved to be a great success with both Tyrfingur Tyrfingsson and the director, Vignir Rafn Valþórsson, receiving nominations for Gríman, the icelandic performing arts awards, for their work. Tyrfingur continued to win his award.


Óskabörn ógæfunar are first and foremost a common ground for people that want their dreams to come true by creating theatre pieces that matter and move people. Weather they are fun, sad, ugly or beautiful.

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